Our story

On a hot July afternoon 2015, serial entrepreneur Peter Swartling and long term business partner Alexander Mathiesen-Öhman met at a hotel in Los Angeles to discuss the future of electricity.

Battery storage and smart two-way micro grids were making waves in the energy industry, and signaled the start of a major transformation. Very much in the same way telecom and personal computing changed the world in the 1980’s. The impact tech innovation was beginning to have on the clean energy industry made Peter and Alexander feel like it was time to make their own mark, and help create a sustainable future.

Inspired by Elon Musk and his Tesla Powerwall, they decided that they wanted to be part of finding a sustainable energy solution. So they met with venture capitalist Afram Gergeo and told him their vision. They wanted a market built up of many smaller producers, the consumers themselves. With the help of batteries and solar panels - the smartest way to produce electritciy - consumers will be able to serve the world with fully sustainable electricity.

Soon after the meeting Afram bought the Swedish energy company Konsument EL AB and also acquired the consumers from Finnish energy company 220 Energia Oy. Peter and Alexander were made co-founders and the name was changed to WE®EL. The new mission: To change the industry and accelerate the shift towards a sustainable future.

So why the name WE®EL?

It’s quite simple actually. We believe that all things are bound by electricity: We, as humans. Our ability to communicate. Our ability to move. Even our ability to think.

Isn’t that the best premise in the world for a company trying to contribute in the largest market transition happening in the modern age? The day when we can warm our houses, drive to work, write this text, prepare our lunch and call our loved ones; all based on renewable energy that doesn't cost us a penny. That’s what we do and that ś what we are.