WE®EL is a one stop shop for all your electricity needs. We are a modern electricity provider that hates bullshit and wants to make it clear what you get when you join us. All our prices include the cost of certificates, fees to Svenska Kraftnät, balancing costs and all electricity trade costs. And you always pay a fixed price to WE®EL. Taxes and costs for the electricity you consume are added on top. The best thing is that when you upgrade to WE®EL you are contributing to the shift toward a sustainable future.
The price of electricity depends on many factors, like the weather and political choices. No one knows for sure how it will develop in the future. But our Zero Vision dictates that with time electricity will be completely free, the only thing you will need to pay for are solar cells and batteries.
The electricity providers estimate of how high your electricity consumption is in a year.
Your electricity provider sends an invoice for the fixed fee of your electricity grid. And your electricity trading company sends an invoice for the electricity you consume. See below for a description of what an electricity provider is.
It’s a governmental tax on consumed electricity, specified in öre per kWh. The energy tax for distributed electricity in municipalities with normal energy tax is 29,2 öre/ kWh from 1 January 2016. Some municipalities energy tax is 19,3 öre/kWh. Municipalities which have a lower energy tax include all municipalities in the counties of Norrbotten, Jämtland and Västerbotten and Sollefteå, Ånge, Örnsköldsvik, Ljusdal, Torsby, Malung, Mora, Orsa and Älvdalen.
It’s the company that you have signed an electricity grid contract with. The electricity provider owns and maintains the grid that leads to your house or company. They are also responsible for the metering of your electricity consumption.
It’s a unique identity given to your electricity facility that the electricity provider uses to keep track of which facility you use. A facility ID is an 18-number code that you can find on your invoice.
From the 1st of November 2011 Sweden is divided into four electricity areas. The division means that the cost of electricity varies depending on where you consume your electricity. The cost of electricity is controlled by supply and demand. This means the cost of electricity will be lower in areas where there is a production surplus, compared to areas where there is a production shortage.
Report your new address to both your electricity provider as well as WE®EL AB. Preferably in good time before you move in.

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