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The electricity coming from your electrical outlet is anything but green. The grid can’t tell one electron from another, and the electricity you are getting is basically a dirty mix of nuclear, hydro, coal and wind.The solution to this problem is to provide household produced electricity. It’s the best way to guarantee clean electricity.

Forget the old way of buying electricity and do it yourself instead.

We believe that soon every house will produce their own electricity. This means you will be able to use all the electricity you want knowing that it’s all fully sustainable. And when you’re short of sun you will only buy electricity when the price is at its lowest, and use the energy stored in your battery. Nordic Light

  • The environment has changed. CO2 levels are skyrocketing. Things might get shitty kind of soon. We want to change that.

The energy industry stands still. It will only move forward if we push it forward.


We are thrilled by the thought of having renewable electricity keeping our houses warm, powering our cars and charging our phones. And the best part is that the idea isn’t in the distant future anymore. We believe this will be reality before you know it. So join us and let’s change the game together.

Our mission is to drastically change the game of energy production, by help providing free and clean electricity for everyone!


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In 20 years paying for electricity will be as odd as using phone booths today.



Join our mission to provide free, clean electricity.

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